Bempton Gannet

On show 2018

I am working on a collection of Bempton Gannets and Puffins coming soon to

Jenny Morten Gallery Bridlington May 5th for one month 

Potfest in the Pens 2018

Potfest in the Pens is 25 years old this year not to be missed 3rd ,4th and 5th at Skirsgill Market Penrith. 

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 Ceramic camel "Mehari" is just one work from a wide range of captivating subjects individually created in clay by award winning ceramic artist Lesley Anne Greene for exhibition and sale at shows and galleries throughout the U.K.

"Behind the making of every piece there is story, an idea, brought into being in my Yorkshire workshop and made permanent by firing in an electric kiln. I enjoy creating something a bit different every time and each piece is really either a one off or part of a small group. My imagination is triggered using observation and experiences from my daily life and travels. I research my ideas in books and on the internet for detail and background material and I find it enriching to discuss my work with the public even using some anecdotes to inspire new pieces."

Please visit the online gallery to view further examples of a growing menagerie and dramatic sculptures.

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