About the Work

Lesley Anne Greene

The development of my current work began in 1993 when my son began infant school. I had originally completed a degree in 3D design/ceramics in Cardiff and earned my living as a secondary school teacher when I arrived at the stage where I wanted to do something creative that would fit around the demands of a growing family. Inspiration for my earlier works came from my home life as well as a lifelong interest in museum artefacts, ancient history, myths and legends. Over the years I have revisited and recalled some of those elements to create my current collection.

The cat reliquary vessels are based on canopic jars and mummified forms from ancient egypt. They function on a decorative level but they could also be used for the interment of remains. The unmodelled coils revealing the skeleton of the pot are intended as a visual metaphor. "Miu" is the ancient egyptian word for cat. "Feeline" is a play on words describing the object and the instinct to touch and hold. I aim to create the feeling of the ceremonial or sacred in many of my pieces but also think that the expression of fun and playfulness is an important element.

Geisha was created to show originally at Potfest in Cumbria several years ago when there was a cultural exchange between Japan and the Lake District. I have always appreciated oriental art and imagery and before making her I researched several books about geishas. My computer was also very useful in finding details and checking out images. I particularly like the flowing lines of the kimono over the figure and the flat oval faces with tiny features of the Japanese ladies in Ukiyoe art from the Edo period. I initially created the two Kimonos to work out how I would construct the bigger piece but left them without the figure because I felt that they took on a life and movement of their own. Something which I hope to explore in the future.

The camel pieces began with the crowned camels "Rex" designed, initially, for a Christmas show in Glasgow.Since I began making camels they have appeared regularly in my life sometimes in the most extraordinary places such as walking down the centre of the road in a small french town!I have sat on the back of a lovely camel called Antony in Luxor.(learning how to lean backwards for the descent)Rode a camel into the Sahara in Tunisia and most recently visited the camel races and camel dressage in Qatar.The latter event inspiring the kneeling camels and riders in my collection.

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